1. Distilleries & Breweries:

The brewery industry is very diverse, requiring various processes and applications. Whether your process demands continuous, batch, discrete, or SCADA applications, AAPL is able to deliver exceptional solutions providing the highest level of performance, flexibility, and ease of use at the lowest life-cycle cost of ownership. We offer automation solutions for all process areas in a brewery such as Raw Material Handling , Brewhouse (LT or Mash-filter based), Fermentation, storage cellars, Yeast management / Yeast propagation, Filtration, Bright Beer Area, CO2 recovery, CIP, Cooling plants, Water treatment, Wastewater plants, etc.

We have provided solutions for our customers, utilizing a diverse mix of technologies. These include software and hardware that range from PLC controls to large distributed control systems as part of closed-loop processes, blending, batching, heating, grinding, cooling, material transfer, energy management, alarm management, database management, special reporting (Brew Card & Cellar reports).

2. Paper & Sugar Industries:

Paper & Sugar Industriesis classified as a hazardous area and We are equipped to provide a wide range of measurement and automation solutions including software design and integration, hazardous area and safety critical application of instrumentation and control systems. With the support of our proficient workforce, we are regarded as one of the most prominent supporter and suppliers of automation solution. We have given automation solutions for fermentation, liquefaction, distillation and Ethanol with Evaporator and Dryer for distillery effluents.

We offer wide range of PLC, DCS and SCADA solutions from small to large I/O's of Distillery. Our primary consideration is to provide a flexible and upgradable system, increased productivity and efficiency of our client. We has successfully undertaken numerous/150+ projects in and around the this industries both in the India and overseas and have a proven track record of quality and success

3. Thermal & Solar Power:

Our Power Generation Care program of service solutions that enables you to choose the number of products and level of support that best meet your needs.

Over the past decade, power plant control systems have evolved from DCS-centered platforms with proprietary software, to open systems using industry standard hardware and software, and then to totally integrated plant automation systems with almost unlimited connectivity and the ability to interrogate field instruments from many different manufacturers.

4. Water & Waste water Industries :

Powerton has served a broad variety of applications within the Water – Waste Water industry, from traditional municipal water treatment and waste water processing systems to large industrial ultra-pure water purification and treatment systems.

Our Application experience include Reverse Osmosis Filtration , Acid Waste Neutralization & Optimization (pH & HF), Waste Recovery, Dewatering system, effluent treatment Plants, Sewage treatement plants, Remote Transmitting Units (RTU).